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German Shepherd Studs

Landheim German Shepherds is recognized as an importer and breeder of some of the finest German Shepherds in the world for over 40 years. Whether you are looking for a high quality GSD puppy, a world class adult for breeding, a working dog, Police K9, show dog, or an excellent personal / family companion, Landheim can meet and exceed your needs and provide great personal support along the way.

When you acquire your new German Shepherd from Landheim you are guaranteed that he / she has been given the best nutrition, care, imprinting, and training possible.

3x VA Pascha von Modithor IPO3 KKL

  • HD-ED Normal
  • VA 2013 NASS SV Judge Lothar Quoll
  • VA 2014 USCA Sieger Show SV Judge Wilhelm Nordsieck
  • VA 2015 USCA Sieger Show SV Judge Harold Hohmann

Pascha has received 3 VA ratings at 2 different Sieger shows under 3 different SV judges by 4 1/2 years of age. Pascha is also making his mark in America genetically. As was evident in his first Progeny Group presented at the 2015 USCA Sieger Show.

His progeny to date are showing him to be a promising producer and a great ambassador of the breed. If you are looking to improve pigment, bone, character with correct size; Pascha has improved in all these areas with the females he has bred to. Pascha’s progeny are also exhibiting full calm grips in the protection work. Look for Pascha and his progeny in the upcoming trials and shows.

2x VA2 Esto von der Plassenburg IPO3 KKL

      • HD-ED Normal (a1)
      • VA2 Vize Sieger 2016 USCA Sieger Show SVJudge Helmut Konig

VA2 Vize Sieger 2016 GSDCA Sieger Show SVJudge Richard Brauch
Best Protection Performance Award 2016 GSDCA Sieger Show

    • V-40 2015 German Sieger Show SV Judge Lothar Quoll
    • TSB-Protection Award 5/5 2015 German Sieger Show

Esto is a handsome athletic male that not only has proven his quality in the show ring but also in the performance arena . Esto is a high drive male with excellent character. Esto placed V-40 in the 2015 German Sieger show at just 2 years of age and was awarded the Prestigious TSB Performance Award in protection with a perfect 5/5 score. Esto continued his impressive show and performance record in the United States in 2016 at the USCA Sieger Show being named Vice Sieger VA-2 under highly regarded SV Judge Helmut Konig. Esto also received the highest performance score given to any of the show line males, scoring a 4/5. Esto has also placed VA-2 at the 2016 GSDCA Sieger Show under the highly regarded SV Judge Richard Brauch. Esto also was the only male to be awarded the coveted award for Best Protection Performance! Esto is a son of 2x VA1 Omen vom Radhaus (Remo-Vegas-Hill-Yasko) and the top producing female V Oxana von der Plassenburg (Zamp-Yasko-Hill). We have high hopes for Esto and his young progeny in 2017!

If you are looking for the “total dog”, Esto is that dog.

SG Zidane ze Stribrneho Kamene IPO1 KKL

  • HD ED Normal
  • DOB : 11 April 2010

Large solid jet black with great looks and outstanding working credentials. Scored 97-92- along with an excellent performance in protection with 96 points. Broad and powerful head with intelligent expression. Substantial build with strong bones and very good proportions. Well trained, reacts quickly and without hesitation to all the commands.

Rock-solid nerve base, self-confident and sure in everything he does. Excellent play drive shown by high anticipation for the ball, retrieves great and executes the obedience exercises quickly and with strong determination. Active drive level in the guarding exercises and hard grips on the sleeve in protection. Top level performance pedigree of many famous competitors.

Sire is the well known WUSV competitor Olek von der Maineiche.
Hips and elbows certified a1.