3 Benefits to Owners of Training Their German Shepherd Dog

It’s no surprise that German Shepherds consistently rank as the second most popular dogs in America.

Their loyalty, obedience, and ease of training make them a wonderful companion for anyone willing to dedicate the time. With some German Shepherd dog training, your furry pal can become the best pup he can be. You’ll both be glad you did.

Here are some of the top benefits of German Shepherd Dog Training:

You’ll Create a Better Bond With Your Dog

German Shepherds are known for their lifelong loyalty. When you befriend a Shepherd, you have a companion for life.

Proper dog training will help promote a deep bond between you and your dog that will last. Doing activities together is an important aspect of connecting with your pet. Obedience class or other training can be a learning experience for both of you and is a terrific way to get plenty of positive interaction.

Having a poorly behaved dog in any home can be stressful. Your dog’s ability to practice self-discipline is important in creating an environment where they can thrive.

It Could Help Your Dog Stay Safe

If your dog finds himself accidentally in danger, it’s essential that he is trained to follow your commands at a moment’s notice.

Voice control is an important part of German Shepherd dog training. You need to be able to give your dog a command and know that it will be followed without delay. It could literally be the difference between life or death in a scary situation.

Obedience training also means that your dog will be less likely to bolt out an open door and run away. If he does manage to make his way out, a “come” should be enough to bring your pooch back–likely with his tail waging happy to respond.

Training Helps to Establish You As Pack Leader

If your dog doesn’t respect you, she isn’t going to listen to you. This can quickly spiral into an out-of-control problem, especially for larger dogs like German Shepherds.

It’s important to establish your position as pack leader within your household. Social order is an intrinsic part of life as a dog. As a dog owner, you need to be able to simulate this order in your home.

One component of establishing your role as alpha is the bond between you and your dog, but it’s equally important to assert your position as leader. The relationship between the alpha and the rest of the pack isn’t a mean or controlling one; it’s a relationship based on mutual respect and survival. Your dog will recognize that you’re in charge, and you’ll make sure they stay out of harm’s way.

If your pup feels that they need your approval as the top dog in the group, they will naturally want to behave in a way that gains it. The result will be a well-trained dog that has no problem following your commands.

Benefits of German Shepherd Dog Training

The companionship of our canines can be one of life’s greatest gifts. Making sure your German Shepherd is well trained can make dog ownership an even more enjoyable experience.

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