5 Dog Separation Anxiety Solutions

After being away, do you commonly come home to your things being destroyed and a furry face staring up at you? Your dog could be acting out due to separation anxiety. 71.1% of dogs with separation anxiety express it by being destructive to their home. And this anxiety can start from the moment you bring them home for the first time. If you travel often and know your dog suffers from anxiety, there are ways you can help your furry best friend. We’ve got the top 5 dog separation anxiety solutions to give you peace of mind and keep your dog anxiety free.

1. Exercise

Taking your dog out for a run or walk in the morning is beneficial for both of you. If you take the time to get your dog’s heart rate up and tire them out a little before you leave, they’ll be a lot less likely to feel anxious when you leave. By tiring your dog out before you go, you get them in a calm state. They’ll want to fall asleep for most of the day rather than tear things up around the house. Even playing fetch outside for at least 15 to 20 minutes is enough to get some of their energy out.

2. Use Toys for Mental Stimulation

After you’ve done some activity with your dog, give them a toy to play with. This will help them to get out whatever leftover energy they may have left. And it keeps them distracted while you get ready. Toys will keep your dog physically and mentally stimulated. You can give them one right before you leave to try and reinforce the idea that leaving isn’t bad.

3. Don’t Make It A Big Deal

No matter how hard it may be, resist the urge to smother your dog with love before you leave. The best way to reduce anxiety in dogs is to leave them alone for the 30 minutes leading up to your departure. It lets them know that you leaving isn’t a big deal so they don’t need to worry. Give your pup a hug before that last 30 minutes, then don’t touch or make eye contact as you leave.

4. Change Up How You Leave

You’ve got your morning routine to get out the door down to a science. But it may not be helping your dog’s separation anxiety. Dogs are very smart and pick up on your nonverbal cues. Whether it’s grabbing your keys or your briefcase, they know the little things you do right before you leave. Try to change up what order you get ready in to keep them from realizing you’re going.

5. Keep Them Around People

Sometimes your puppy just needs some human interaction. Try boarding your dog at a trusted location for your longer trips. They’ll get to meet new dogs, play with people every day, and continue to get exercise. This can help reduce anxiety in dogs significantly and keeps your home exactly as you left it.

Dog Separation Anxiety Solutions That Really Work

Don’t let your dog stress while you’re gone. These 5 dog separation anxiety solutions will make a big impact for an anxious pup and you. For anything from help with training your dog to grooming them, let us know. We’re here to help keep your furry friend happy and healthy.

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