5 Important Dog Boarding Service Things To Look For

You worked hard this year. Now you have a well-deserved vacation coming up. So you booked your flights and hotel reservations and made a rough itinerary of places to go and people to meet.

Your planning was perfect until you realized that your adorable pup can’t join you on this trip. As a proud pet parent, finding accommodations for your furry family while you’re away is a priority.

Leaving your pet at the perfect dog boarding facility will give you peace of mind. Knowing that your dog is safe, comfortable, and having their own mini-vacation will let you enjoy your own holiday without worries.

But what are the qualities of a good boarding kennel? Read on to find out.

1. Happy and Helpful Staff

When you visit the facility, this should be one of the first things that you should look for. You are going to trust the life of your dog to them. They should show the same love for animals as you do and they should seem like they are enjoying their work.

One red flag is if they don’t show interest in your dog. They should ask about your pet’s likes and dislikes and what food or medicine to give. Asking for proof of immunization is a good sign that the facility has rules they follow to keep everyone safe.

2. Suite Life

You should always visit where your dog is going to bunk in. You want your dog’s ‘suite’ to have adequate space and without avenues for escape. If your pet is not comfortable sharing the same space with others, ask if you can request for an individual kennel.

Trust your nose. If the place is smelly you can be sure that it is unsanitary. Look for signs of regular housekeeping. A clean environment is a safe environment.

3. Climate-Controlled Dog Boarding

The recent tragedy at a dog boarding facility that resulted in the deaths of fourteen large breed dogs was because of heat exhaustion. Dogs can be incredibly sensitive to temperature.

You want a facility that offers air conditioning during the summertime and a heated environment during cold weather. Anything less can be dangerous to your pet’s health.

4. Exercise and Other Activities

The boarding facility is not a motel room just for sleeping. Walks, play, and exercise are activities that your dog needs every day. A good facility will show you your dog’s daily schedule of play times and socialization with other campers.

You can also sign up for other activities for your dog during their stay. How about a boot camp to improve their skills? Or dog grooming so your pet is all shiny, beautiful, and pampered when you return?

5. Emergency Care

Sometimes, unexpected things happen even in a well-run facility. This is why it’s important that the staff is knowledgeable about first aid. They should also have guidelines on what to do during emergency situations.

An on-site veterinarian to handle health scares should be available at all times. It is nerve-wracking to suddenly receive a phone call that something happened to your pet, but knowing that your dog is in good, capable hands will lessen the worries.

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