Add More Mental Stimulation to Your Dog’s Day

Just like humans, dogs get bored. Keeping our brains engaged and our minds sharp helps us find more enjoyment in our daily lives. Without it, we end up feeling bored or upset. The same thing happens with dogs! Our canine companions need mental stimulation to stretch their brains and keep them from getting bored. When dogs get bored, they can become withdrawn or even depressed, and we start seeing those undesirable behaviors like chewing furniture or shoes. While chewing isn’t a bad thing for a dog, chewing the wrong things is a sign that your canine friend might need more mental stimulation in their day.   Stretching a dog’s brain is not only important for your pup’s health and wellbeing, it is also important for training purposes. A dog with a mentally stimulated brain will be easier to train, making things like leash training and crate training simpler. So, by incorporating some of these mentally stimulating activities into your dog’s daily routine, you will have a happier, healthier dog that is much easier to train!

Long-lasting Chew Toys: A Quick Fix! 

Giving your dog a long-lasting chew toy is a simple and quick way to provide mental stimulation. When a dog chews on something that is giving its mouth a workout, it has to concentrate. By making it focus on the act of chewing, your pup’s brain is hard at work! A dog treat may be delicious and bring them instant joy, but it’s over too soon. A chew toy lasts longer, and helps with mental stimulation! Chewing a long-lasting chew toy for an extended period of time helps lower a dog’s stress levels and is a quick way to get your pet’s brain thinking without too much effort on your part.

Teach Your (Old) Dog New Tricks! 

Many dogs know the 5 basic commands: sit, stay, down, come, and heel. But does your dog know any tricks? What about hand signals and in-motion commands? There are so many tricks you can teach your dog that foster good mental stimulation. Learning new tricks or commands can help increase your dog’s focus and impulse control, and also strengthens the bond between dog and owner. 

Enrich Food Time With a Puzzle Toy! 

When it comes to meal time, many dog owners simply fill the bowl, set it down, and let their dog have it! While there is nothing wrong with that, sometimes switching up how your dog eats is a great way to add a bit of mental stimulation to their daily routine. Try putting your dog’s food or treats into a puzzle toy. Puzzle toys are great because they give your dog a chance to use some of their natural problem solving abilities. And, by keeping your dog engaged with interactive toys, you help boost their confidence and tire them out mentally. 

Landheim K9 Can Help

Keeping your pup’s brain engaged not only helps them manage stress and anxiety, it makes training them easier. If you are looking to add more mental stimulation to your dog’s routine, or are looking to train your pup in some new tricks, the professionals at Landheim K9 can help! We provide a variety of dog training classes, so no matter your dog’s age, Landheim K9 is happy to help your dog learn some new tricks!

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