Advanced Obedience Training

Results-Driven Classes and Sessions

We will continue to build on the skills learned in the Basic Obedience & Intermediate Obedience classes. We will build on distraction levels and perfect verbal commands as well as hand signals and in-motion commands. We will also start incorporating our skills for practical, everyday use and build toward off-leash control. We will teach marker training and discuss different training techniques. All dogs must have previously completed Basic Obedience & Intermediate Obedience here at Landheim prior to beginning class. Dogs that completed Basic or Intermediate Courses in Obedience through other facilities would require an evaluation to determine if your dog is eligible to bypass those classes; we do this to ensure the quality of our training as well as the safety of everyone taking classes with us.

Advanced Obedience features include:

  • 6-week course (one day/week)
  • Marker training and combining various training techniques
  • Off-leash training techniques
  • Training owners to grind their dog’s nails
  • Place command

Required Equipment for class (equipment will be available for purchase at Landheim):

  • 6-foot leash
  • 30-foot leash
  • Training Pouch
  • Soft, meaty treats
  • Well-fitted training collar
  • Well-fitted flat or martingale collar
  • Light line
  • Clicker
  • Touch stick
  • Place “mat” (elevated cot/bed)
  • Nail Grinder

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