Basic Obedience Training

Results-Driven Classes and Sessions

All class prices will increase starting in 2023.

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This course is a MUST for every dog and their owner. Dogs that are obedience trained lead a happier life and can become a closer member of your family once you have the proper control. This class is also a wonderful idea for past Basic Dog Training & Obedience graduates that may be in need of a tune-up! You will learn how to apply some very simple strategies from our dog trainers that have a POSITIVE affect on the relationship your dog will have with you and the outside world. Our classes book up fast for one simple reason….. PROVEN SUCCESS!

Basic Dog Training Obedience features include:

  • Class size will be limited to 14 dog/owner teams which will allow greater personal attention for you and your dog.
  • This 6-week course (one day a week) is open to dogs of all breeds that are 5 months and older.
  • A limited amount of time is available for questions and specific behavior problems you may be having with your dog. Serious behavior issues should be addressed in a Private Lesson, not a group format.
  • Your dog will learn to Focus on you, Heel, Sit, Sit-stay, Down, Down-stay and “Come” on command.
  • We will focus on teaching your dog to pay attention to you, and walk on a leash without pulling.

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