Get Your Dog Ready for Safe and Happy Boarding

Imagine: It’s time to travel abroad on the trip you’ve dreamed of for years. Or maybe you and your partner are going on your long-awaited honeymoon. Although you love your dog and want them to be a part of your life’s journey, there are some trips they can’t go on with you. Your life shouldn’t […]

5 Steps To Take Before Boarding Your Dog 

As much as you love and care for your dog, unfortunately, you cannot take him or her everywhere. But many boarding facilities offer luxuries for dogs that make the owner feel like the dog is on vacation. It is all marketing to the owners the dog really could care less about all the amenities that […]

5 Important Dog Boarding Service Things To Look For

You worked hard this year. Now you have a well-deserved vacation coming up. So you booked your flights and hotel reservations and made a rough itinerary of places to go and people to meet. Your planning was perfect until you realized that your adorable pup can’t join you on this trip. As a proud pet […]

How To Teach a Dog To Sit

Does your dog know how to sit on cue? Dogs tend to naturally sit, so teaching your dog how to sit on command is quite simple. When your dog is in the proper sitting position, he or she should have her hocks and bottom placed firmly on the ground. A properly trained dog can make […]

3 Benefits to Owners of Training Their German Shepherd Dog

It’s no surprise that German Shepherds consistently rank as the second most popular dogs in America. Their loyalty, obedience, and ease of training make them a wonderful companion for anyone willing to dedicate the time. With some German Shepherd dog training, your furry pal can become the best pup he can be. You’ll both be […]

5 Benefits of Professional Dog Grooming

Dog grooming is essential for both your dog’s good looks and his health. Booking regular grooming appointments for your dog doesn’t keeps him healthy and happy, not just pretty. However, performing these tasks yourself at home may be complicated, so you might want to consider the benefits of hiring a professional dog grooming service. Here […]

2 Key Signs Your Dog Has Fleas

Of all the parasites that can affect your dog, fleas are the most common. Chronic infestations that are left untreated can lead to an infection and other flea-related diseases. To help keep your dog and her environment a healthy, it’s important to be aware of the signs and symptoms of flea infestations. Here are 2 […]

Basic Obedience Training for Dogs

Bringing home a new pup is always an extremely exciting time. You’re overjoyed by the fact that it’s there, it’s snuggly, and it’s going to be around for a long time. Then you realize that those little pups aren’t going to be little for long. If you’re looking to bring home a dog and train […]

Introducing A New Puppy to Your Dog

With the holiday season upon us, there are a lot of people preparing to bring a new addition into their household. While getting a new puppy is certainly an exciting experience, it can be overwhelming too, especially if you already have a dog at home. Having a plan can be a huge help in introducing […]

Potty Training Tips

You Have a New Puppy – Now What? Congratulations – you just got a new puppy! You’re probably excited for all the new changes that having a puppy brings. You should be! Raising a puppy is certainly a rewarding experience, but it can be frustrating at times too. One of the biggest sources of frustration […]