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Landheim Dog Training Services

Results-Driven Classes and Sessions

Puppy STAR Programs

Age Range: 8-20 weeks & 16 weeks-1 year

Focuses on introducing solid training techniques for younger dogs and begins proper socialization and builds responsible dog ownership techniques.

Basic Obedience Classes

Ages 5 months and older

Teaches the basic skills all dogs and their handlers should know.

Requires completion of Basic Obedience course offered at Landheim

Builds on the foundational skills learned in Basic Obedience and pushes handlers to a more advanced level of training.

Requires completion of Intermediate Course offered at Landheim.

Educates handlers on how to utilize training techniques for more practical purposes and introduces a wider variety of training techniques.

Introduces training techniques that provide greater enjoyment and fulfillment for both pet and owner while preparing teams for competition scentwork.

No age requirements

Private lessons can be suited to handle a variety of issues including manners, aggression/reactivity, obedience, tricks, protection work, etc.

 Police Dog K9 Training