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German Shepherd Female Breeding

Landheim German Shepherds is recognized as an importer and breeder of some of the finest German Shepherds in the world for over 40 years. Whether you are looking for a high quality GSD puppy, a world class adult for breeding, a working dog, Police K9, show dog, or an excellent personal / family companion, Landheim can meet and exceed your needs and provide great personal support along the way.

When you acquire your new German Shepherd from Landheim you are guaranteed that he / she has been given the best nutrition, care, imprinting, and training possible.

SG1 Janine vom Zellwaldrand IPO1 KKL

  • HD/ED- Normal

Janine is a outstanding female with excellent structure and movement. She is a very open happy female with good drives. Janine has produced very nice puppies in Germany and here in the United States. We are expecting great things from Janine with her lines to VA Remo, VA Vegas, VA Negus, and VA Yerom.

german shepherd female dog breeding janine
german shepherd female dog breeding athena

V Athena Della Luna IPO1 KKL

  • HD Fast Normal ED Normal

Athena is our beautiful, young 3xVA Pascha Von Modithor daughter.  Athena earned her V Excellent rating in Germany in a Landesgruppen Show LGZS with top quality females in her class. We would like to thank our good friends Jenny and Marc Debus for this outstanding female. We are expecting great things in the future from Athena here at Landheim.

V Ginnie vom Konigsadler IPO1 KKL

  • HD-ED Normal

Ginnie, has been a top producer for us here at Landheim. Ginnie is an amazing female that loves life, she has definitely passed that on to her progeny. Ginnie is a daughter of the legendary producer and 2x Sieger VA1 Remo vom Fichtenschlag Sch3 KKL1. She also has a line to the great producer VA Hill vom Farbenspiel Sch3. Thank you to SV Judge Helmut Konig for this excellent female.

german shepherd dog training female ginnie
izze female dog breeding

Izze vom Landheim

Izze is a beautiful young daughter of our V Ginnie von Koenigsadler IPO1 KKL and our 3xVA Pascha von Modithor IPO3 KKL. Izze is currently in training for her IPO1 and is expected to have earned her titles by summer of 2017! We are expecting Izze to be a great addition to our breeding program!

adria german shepherd female dog breeding

V-1 Adria vom Pendler IPO2 KKL1

  • V 50 BSZS German Sieger Show
  • HD a Fast Normal ED Normal

Adria is an awesome producing female, she throws her type but allows the male to put his stamp on the progeny. If you are looking for a fun energetic puppy for show or for companion she is definitely your dog. Check our her progeny you will be very pleased.

german shepherd female jill

V Jill vom Landheim IPO1 KKL

  • OFA Hip and Elbow Certified

Jill is a female from our breeding program. She is one of our Adria babies from BSZS VA Paul vom Bierstadter Hof. She is a great young female that we look forward to a great future with her.