Get Your Dog Ready for Safe and Happy Boarding

Imagine: It’s time to travel abroad on the trip you’ve dreamed of for years. Or maybe you and your partner are going on your long-awaited honeymoon. Although you love your dog and want them to be a part of your life’s journey, there are some trips they can’t go on with you. Your life shouldn’t have to be on hold because of your dog.  

Fortunately, dog boarding enables you to travel while your dog remains safe, healthy and secure. Now that you’ve decided to board your furry friend, you must choose a reputable, dedicated boarding facility. At Landheim K9, we offer professional boarding services starting at just $40 a day. With additional add-ons, you can give your pup the luxury experience they deserve while taking the break you need. We’ve trained, groomed and boarded dogs for more than 50 years. As Northwest Indiana’s premier facility, we have trained and cared for thousands of dogs.  

After choosing to board your dog with Landheim, you should prepare your dog – and yourself – for the boarding experience. Boarding your dog for the first time can be nerve-wracking and stressful. However, following these nine tips can ensure a smooth transition for your dog.  

9 Crucial Tips: Preparing Your Dog for Boarding 

  1. Get your dog up to date on vaccines. Dogs can contract diseases from other dogs and their environment. We have a state-of-the-art UV light purification system to help fight this possibility. At Landheim K9, we want all our visitors and guests to stay healthy and safe. We require the following vaccines for all pups: rabies, distemper and Bordetella. 
  2. Get a health check. We always recommend a health check before you board your dog. A professional veterinarian can assess your dog for signs of aging, health problems and emotional or behavioral needs. Knowing their health needs before you board them will help us provide the appropriate care and attention. 
  3. Make a detailed list of crucial information. In addition to providing important health information for the boarding facility, you should include contact and emergency contact information, complete and honest behavioral information and details on your dog’s personality and exercise needs. This information will help us understand your dog and give them a happier experience. 
  4. Pack familiar items. Bring a small number of your dog’s favorite toys, a blanket so that they are more comfortable in our facility. We do not recommend beds but we will accept or provide an elevated cot if you wish. You might even want to leave a piece of your clothing for them. Because dogs have a heightened sense of smell, being able to smell their family can help them feel calm and safe. 
  5. Pack plenty of food. Bring plenty of your dog’s food! Packing food in individual zip lock baggies for daily feeding is recommended.  Always pack for your dog to stay a few extra days in case of emergencies, delayed flights or travel challenges.  
  6. Do a trial stay. If you’ve never boarded your dog, do a trial stay before an extended one! You can have your dog stay at our facility for one or two nights well before your extended trips to make them more comfortable and familiar with the space.  
  7. Get your pup groomed. Grooming your pet after boarding ensures they will come home clean and fresh after the stay. We make every effort to keep our guests clean, but pets do not always cooperate when staying in a strange environment. Fortunately, Landheim K9 also offers comprehensive grooming services!  
  8. Consider your dog’s needs. At Landheim K9, we offer boarding add-ons for a small fee to help you give your dog the best experience. For example, we offer snuggle sessions, walks/runs and raised cot rentals and departure services. Think about your dog’s unique needs when choosing their boarding services. 
  9. Stay calm! Dogs are very perceptive. If you are anxious or upset, your dog will become anxious or upset, too! You must stay calm and positive leading up to and when dropping your dog off for boarding.  

At Landheim K9, we care for your dog like they are our own. Contact us today to learn more about our boarding services. 

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