How to Make Traveling with Your Pets Easier

You love your pets. They’re a part of the family. So when you go on vacation or take an extended trip, you want them to be a part of your travels. But traveling with a pet can be difficult. Pets may experience increased anxiety, discomfort and fear when traveling. Fortunately, there are some easy strategies you can use to make traveling more accessible and more comfortable for your pet. Learn more here from Landheim K9

4 Tips to Make Travel with Your Pet Simple

Practice before a long trip!

If you’re driving to your destination, practice with your pet. First, secure your pet in a pet carrier in the backseat or on the floor. You can also use a harness and tether to safely secure your dog in the backseat if your dog isn’t comfortable in a travel crate or carrier. Then, drive them around the neighborhood or a nearby town to see how they’ll handle the travel. If they seem too anxious, consider contacting your vet about anxiety medications. You can also do this multiple times while giving your pet treats and comfort so that they become more comfortable.

Set a routine.

Routines give animals comfort, especially dogs. If you and your pet have a routine at home, do your best to incorporate that routine during your vacation or travels. For example, if you walk every morning at home, take your dog on a walk in your new location, too. Before reaching your destination, you can prepare by looking for nearby walking paths and parks. In addition to routine, physical activity helps dogs relieve stress and energy so that they are more relaxed and calm in your rental or vacation home. Incorporating physical activity for your pet each vacation day is a great way to help them adjust.

Make sure your accommodations are pet-friendly – including activities.

When booking your next trip, make sure your dog or cat is welcome in your lodging. Additionally, your pet needs frequent outdoor breaks and physical activity, so ensure your activities don’t take too long. You don’t want to leave your dog alone in a hotel room or rental for longer than 6 hours. That means some activities, especially overnight ones, might not be a good fit if your pet can’t come. 

Pack the essentials.

While packing for yourself or your family, don’t forget to pack for your pets. Make sure you bring the following:

  • Food in sealed containers
  • Water bottles to water your pet on the go
  • Bowls for food and water
  • Poop bags or litter boxes and litter
  • Crates/pet carriers
  • Medicines
  • Comforting toys
  • Pet beds
  • Treats
  • Collars with appropriate tags 

If you’re concerned about traveling with your pet, another great option is boarding them. At Landheim K9, we offer exceptional dog boarding that ensures your pet is safe, comfortable and happy while you’re traveling. For more information on how to travel with or board your pet, contact the professionals at Landheim K9.

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