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In-Kennel Training Questionnaire

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This is the day and time we arranged for your exit lesson. *Please arrive on time for your lesson.

In-Kennel Training Information

We take pride in training every dog to meet your expectations. Please read through the following information and answer the following questions honestly to help us fully understand the needs and expectations for your dog's training. If you have questions or concerns about any of the information, please contact our office at (219) 365-8897.
What to expect from in-kennel training?(Required)
Our in-kennel training program will provide your dog with the consistency needed to train the basic skills of obedience, but we also try to correct other issues that you may be experiencing. Please remember that your dog’s individual personality and how they adapt to new environments/people may have an affect on the training process. We work with a variety of temperaments, but occasionally come across dogs that we feel would be better suited in one of our other training options. If you are concerned about how well your dog will do in this environment, it may be recommended to come in for a private lesson to discuss these concerns, evaluate your dog for suitability in this type of environment, and/or familiarize your dog with our staff and facility. If your dog comes to us for training, and we feel it would be more productive for your dog to be trained in a different environment; we will convey this with you as soon as possible. We will arrange a pick-up time for your dog, and you will only be charged the “Training Rate” for the days we attempted training—if your dog needs to continue their stay with us while you are out of town or until pick-up arrangements can be made, we will charge our regular “Boarding Rate” for the rest of their stay.
What should I expect in my lesson?(Required)
When you return home with your dog, they will understand the skills we taught but will need to have these skills reinforced. It is a several month process to have what we would call a “complete” dog. Therefore, we provide the exit lesson to teach you the skills we taught and how to maintain them. Please come to your exit lesson at your scheduled time as we cannot guarantee more time than your allotted spot. In the lesson we will demonstrate what your dog has learned, give instruction on how to maintain the behavior, and give you a chance to work with your dog to ensure you are reinforcing everything correctly. There are many aspects to remember as you make the transition back home with your dog so feel free to take notes.
What to expect when you return home?(Required)
While we always encourage customers to reach out to us with any questions or concerns, it is not unusual for dogs to display the following during training or upon returning home: show signs of stress, have minor loss of appetite, experience loose stool or vomiting, have minor weight loss, or act lethargic upon returning home. These are normal occurrences, but please feel free to reach out with any concerns.