Intermediate Obedience Training

Results-Driven Classes and Sessions

This class continues to build on the behaviors your dog started in Basic Obedience.  Hand signals are introduced along with various distraction situations!  All dogs must have previously completed Basic Obedience here at Landheim prior to beginning the Intermediate Obedience class. Dogs that completed Basic Courses in Obedience through other facilities would require an evaluation to determine if your dog is eligible to bypass our Basic Obedience course; we do this to ensure the quality of our training as well as the safety of everyone taking classes with us.

Intermediate Obedience features include:

  • Expand your dog’s training with hand signal commands and in-motion commands.
  • Increase distraction levels to increase reliability in real-life scenarios.
  • This 6-week course (one day a week) is open to dogs of all breeds that have successfully completed the requirements of Basic Obedience training.

Required Equipment for class (equipment will be available for purchase at Landheim):

  • 6-foot leash
  • 30-foot leash
  • Training Pouch
  • Soft, meaty treats
  • Well-fitted training collar
  • Well-fitted flat or martingale collar
  • Light line (will discuss in class)

Vaccination Requirements:

  • Rabies
    • This must be supplied to the Front Desk staff for any dog over 12 weeks of age per Indiana State Law before arrival at our facility
  • Distemper
    • The 1st round must be given at least 5 days prior to the dog attending class
      • If your dog receives the 1st round too close to the first week of class, the owner may attend class without the dog
    • Boosters must be given at appropriate times and supplied to the front desk staff
  •  Bordetella-This vaccination is strongly recommended, but the option of signing a waiver will be available as vaccination is not a guarantee of immunity
    • The 1st round must be given at least 5 days prior to the dog attending class (see Distemper parameters above)
  • (Titer testing is accepted for Distemper and Bordetella, but per Indiana State Law not for Rabies.)

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