Is a German Shepherd Right For You?

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At Landheim, we have a proud tradition of breeding world class German Shepherd puppies. In fact, Landheim German Shepherds has been recognized as an importer and breeder of some of the finest German Shepherds in the world for over 50 years. 

German Shepherd carrying log with pup on the side

We are committed to importing and breeding dogs with unmatched quality in health, intelligence, beauty, and, most importantly, temperament. We have a philosophy we refer to as “The Total Dog,” which means we focus on developing each of these aspects to the highest degree, and this philosophy has been a cornerstone of our efforts from the very beginning. We breed and train our German Shepherds to be social dogs, demonstrating that a Schutzhund titled or Protection Trained dog can also make the perfect family pet and companion.

German Shepherd Standards

German Shepherds have the temperament and intelligence for a variety of tasks.  They are highly trainable dogs, with characteristics of watchfulness, loyalty, and courage.  These traits make them superior working dogs, whether they’re guards or herding dogs, and they’re exceptional companions and protectors. 


With sound nerves, alertness, and trainability, the German Shepherds display superior characteristics that make them the perfect companion and working dog. They also have ample scenting abilities, which means they can quietly work out a track, making them highly useful as multipurpose track and search dogs.  


The German Shepherd is a larger, active dog with a dense double coat which sheds year round.  This means regular brushing is necessary.  You’ll also need to trim their nails and clean their ears regularly to maintain proper health. They are also very social and should not be left alone for long periods of time– they want to be part of the family.

A Good Home for a German Shepherd

So is a German Shepherd right for you and your family? 


This versatile breed is at home almost anywhere and has the trainability to take on a variety of roles. The loyalty, obedience, and ease of training make German Shepherds very popular among dog owners.  In fact, they consistently rank as the second most popular breed in America. If you have the time and desire to interact with and train your German Shepherd, he or she can become a great companion and member of the family.


Know that taking on a German Shepherd, or any dog, is a commitment.  German Shepherds live for 10-15 years, and you’ll want to provide a stable home throughout their lives. Taking an obedience class with your German Shepherd will be a vital step in bonding with your new pet, and it will help to create a foundation of trust and respect between the two of you.  You should also be prepared to socialize and exercise your new dog.


At Landheim, we can help you find the perfect puppy or dog for your needs.  We can help you not only find the right companion, but also help with boarding, grooming, and training.  Reach out to us today!