Keep Your Home Cleaner: Cut Down On Your Pup’s Shedding Habits

Shedding is a natural process for many dog breeds that allows them to discard old or damaged hair from their coats. After the older hair is shed, there is room for new, healthy hair to be grown in order to keep your furry friend’s body warm and protected. The shedding process is a very common affair, but it can be frustrating as a pet owner to have to live with and clean up after. Dog hair seems to hide in every single nook and cranny of your home, doesn’t it?! You’re certainly not alone. Don’t let excessive shedding leave you on your heels. There are several ways to naturally minimize the amount your dog sheds and therefore keep your space cleaner. 

Dog Shedding

Why Does Excess Shedding Occur In Your Dog

Poor nutrition, stress, or a more serious medical problem could all be causes of abnormal shedding in your pet. If it seems like something of that sort is occurring, it is advised to visit the veterinarian with your four-legged pal. Irregular shedding could be the result of an allergy to a certain brand of dog food or maybe a sign that there is some sort of infection, parasite, or unfamiliar bacteria residing in your pet.

Some Dogs Shed More Than Others

The frequency of shedding and the amount of hair relinquished both depend on a few different factors including the breed of your dog, the time of year, allergies your pet may have, and his/her regular diet. When looking to own a dog, shedding should always be discussed because it may have an impact on your choice of breed. Different breeds shed at different times of year in varying amounts. Some dogs shed seasonally. Others shed nonstop. 

A hypoallergenic breed is a great option for a family with some sort of sensitivity, allergy, or unwillingness to be constantly cleaning up dog hair. Consider looking into hypoallergenic breeds that produce very insignificant amounts of dander like Poodles, Irish Water Spaniels, or Afghan Hounds. 

Cut Down On Extreme Shedding In Your Home

Just like human hair, dog hair needs to be taken care of, brushed, and treated. Dog hair requires just as much care as a person’s in order to remain healthy. Luckily, there are several recommended techniques that you can use at home to cut down on how much your dog sheds. That includes how much hair you have to pick up, too!


Give your dog a quick brush outside every day of the year. During the shedding season which typically falls in the summer, add another, totaling two brush sessions a day. Do some research to determine the best type of comb or brush to use for your dog’s coat. The amount of dog hair you’ll find around the house to sweep or vacuum will decrease astronomically. 


Consuming the right kinds of vitamins and nutrients everyday will encourage your dog’s hair follicles to grow healthier and stronger, reducing the need to shed so much. You might want to look into supplements for your pet like Omega 3 fatty acids to encourage more healthy hair growth.


Find a shampoo and conditioner that works well for your dog’s coat. Consistently bathing him/her will lessen shedding.

Landheim’s Role In Shedding

Allowing your furry friend to shed uncontrollably is such an inconvenience. You probably waste so much time cleaning your home because of it without even realizing. At Landheim, we offer grooming and bathing services to keep your pup’s coat healthier and your home tidier! Call us at (219) 365-8897.

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