Scent Detection Training Class

The sport of canine scent work or nose work is based on the work of professional detection dogs such as a drug detection dog or explosives detection dog. The sport scent dog is trained in the same manner but rather to find several essential oil odors. Scent work allows the dog to use its most powerful sense in a manner that is fun and further builds a bond with the handler as well as improving confidence in the dog.  

The beginner group class at Landheim will teach one odor over the course of 6 weeks. You will learn to teach your dog to find the target odor in rows of containers in a timed event.  The dog learns through a positive association that the target odor is rewarding. The handler learns to read the dog’s behavior so that they can confidently communicate the location of the hidden odor to the trainer.  

Scent work or nose work is a very fun and rewarding activity for both dog and handler. We hope that the team will go on to learn other odors in a variety of increasingly difficult environments. This activity is supported in many canine organizations with multiple opportunities for sporting competition. 

Required Equipment for first week of class (we will discuss further equipment requirements in first class):

  • 6-foot leash in good condition (no bungee or retractable leashes allowed)
  • Well-fitted collar
    • Any collar with a quick-release will be required to have a safety implemented while on our premises
  • Soft, meaty treats your dog is familiar with
    • Hungry dog (AM classes-not recommended to feed breakfast; PM classes-not recommended to feed after noon)
  • Treat pouch

Minimally must have completed Basic Obedience Course through Landheim. Typically training at other facilities does not meet the requirements for more advanced levels of training, but you may discuss this with our staff.

Vaccination Requirements:

  • Rabies
    • This must be supplied to the Front Desk staff for any dog over 12 weeks of age per Indiana State Law before arrival at our facility
  • Distemper
    • The 1st round must be given at least 5 days prior to the dog attending class
      • If your dog receives the 1st round too close to the first week of class, the owner may attend class without the dog
    • Boosters must be given at appropriate times and supplied to the front desk staff
  •  Bordetella-This vaccination is strongly recommended, but the option of signing a waiver will be available as vaccination is not a guarantee of immunity
    • The 1st round must be given at least 5 days prior to the dog attending class (see Distemper parameters above)

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