Service Dog Training

Service dogs are specially trained to provide a certain service for their owner. Some service dogs can detect seizures or low blood sugar, while others provide emotional support and therapy. Ultimately, service dogs provide opportunities for their companions and even change and save lives. That’s why Landheim is proud to train service dogs in northwest Indiana. For more than 50 years, Landheim’s expert trainers have worked one-on-one with owners and their service animals to teach the detection, cues and obedience needed for great service dogs. If you are interested in training your dog to become a service dog, contact the professionals at Landheim today. 

Service dog training (soldier with dog)


Mobility, Guide and Other Services

Mobility Dog Training

    Mobility dogs help owners who have mobility limitations, such as people who use wheelchairs, canes or walkers. Mobility service dogs are trained to retrieve items such as medication or utensils, press buttons for elevators and doors, and open cabinets and drawers. They also provide bracing support to their owner, which means a bigger breed of dog is preferred for this service. 


    Guide Dog Training

    Guide dogs assist blind or visually impaired individuals by guiding them through the world. Guide dogs are trained to help their owners cross the street and navigate new spaces. These dogs are also trained in certain mobility services, such as opening doors and drawers for their owners so that their owner can more easily navigate the space.


    Alert Dog Training

    Alert dogs are trained to detect physical conditions and then “alert” their owner. Diabetic alert dogs are trained to recognize the scent of low blood sugar in their owner, then use the owner’s desired cue (nudging with the dog’s nose or paw, etc.) to let them know. Individuals with seizures also use alert dogs to let them know a seizure is coming. Seizure response dogs receive additional training to alert others around them once their owner is having a seizure.

    Is Your Dog Right for Service?

    While almost any breed can be trained for service, there are preferred breeds for service animals because of their size and trainability, such as golden retrievers, German shepherds, border collies, boxers and several others. Ultimately, your dog is right for service training if they are generally trainable and friendly toward people and other animals. Your dog should be comfortable and friendly in public, loud and chaotic spaces. They should also be sized appropriately for the service they’ll provide. It’s also important to note that most services require at least 6 months and more than 100 hours of training.


    Training of different dog breeds at Landheim K9

    Schedule Your Service Dog Training Today

    Every service dog is unique, and their training has to be individualized to meet the needs of their owner. For information regarding a specific service dog training, including pricing, duration and dates, call Landheim at 219-365-8897 or submit an information request now