How To Teach a Dog To Sit

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Does your dog know sit on command?

Dogs tend to naturally sit, so to teach a dog to sit on command is quite simple.

When your dog is in the proper sitting position, he or she should have her hocks and bottom placed firmly on the ground.

Steps to teach a dog to sit

This is an all positive way for showing your puppy what “Sit” means:

  1. While holding a treat as a reward, place the treat in front of the dog’s nose (not too high or he or she might jump), without giving the sit command, slowly lift the food above his or her head. Move the treat back towards your dog’s ears, keeping it close to the head. Your dog’s nose might turn up to follow the treat at first, so if he or she backs up, gently guide your dog into position by placing your hand on his or her rump. As soon as your dog’s rear touches the ground, mark it by saying “yes!” Be sure to reward your pet with a treat several times and then release your dog from the position with a release command like “break”. Repeat this step until your dog is proficient at being lured into the sit position.
  2. Once you have your dog performing step one smoothly you will pair your “sit” command to the motion. Place the treat in front of your dogs nose. Give your “sit” command and repeat the motions in step one. Continue this process until you think your dog is understanding the command and is fluent with the lure present. A good indictor is your dog is sitting before you can fully execute your lure. From here you will set it up again and not present the lure prior to your command. With the food hidden get your dogs attention give your command and wait two seconds. If your dog sits, immediately mark it with a “yes” and multiple pieces of food before you release the dog with your “break” command. If the dog does not sit within the two seconds bring your food lure out of hiding immediately and use it to lure the dog into a sit as you did in step one. Through repetition and association your dog will pair the command to the response and start following your command without seeing the lure first.   

A properly trained dog can make all the difference

Despite there being many techniques for training a dog it is important to know that, above all else, patience is what will be needed the most.

Dogs and people all learn at different rates, so don’t be too hard on the dog or yourself!

The amount of time and patience that you put in now with your dog will pay off for years to come. You both will share a bond together that will last a lifetime!

Let us help with getting your dog properly trained

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