Kip Geyer

Training Manager


  • 25 years training dogs professionally
  • Over 20 years training law enforcement k9 teams in Patrol, Narcotics and Explosives
  • Trained assistance dogs for “Pilot Dogs” as “seeing eye dogs”
  • Trained Balance Assistance Dogs for patients at the Mayo Clinic
  • Trained Service Dogs for PTSD patients
  • Trained Patrol and Scent detection dogs for security contracting to government and private corporations
  • Trained Schutzhund/IPO Sport dogs for 26 years titling and competing with over 50 dogs.
  • DVG Midwest President 2000-2004
  • DVG Bronze, Silver and Gold medal winner
  • 16 years as Training Director for the Allen County Dog Sport Club
  • 1998 Became a member of the USCA Schutzhund 3 Club
  • Certification Judge for Integrated Bed Bug Management Association
  • Current Training Director O.G. Landheim Police and Working Dog Association
  • Current Training Supervisor Landheim Training Center
  • Assisted World Renowned Dr. Craig Perdue in research on tracking dogs and scent discrimination with respect to matching evidence to suspects.
  • Instructed Dr. Craig Perdue in IPO training from BH thru Sch3 and AWDF National Champion
  • Trained Falcon’s with Dr. Craig Perdue for hunting purposes
  • One year of research at The North Texas School of Equine Training
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