Zac Galvan



Zac came to us in 2020 with his personal dog for more training and his enthusiasm stood out immediately.  Shortly after he joined our team and that enthusiasm carried over to his work on our front desk team.  He quickly became confident in his abilities to help our customers and provided the team a strong positive energy. Shortly after starting at the front desk he began to help with training in our classes and with our in-kennel training program.  His positive and lively presence provides energy in the classes and helps boost confidence in our in-kennel training dogs.  Zac was trained through our Landheim Trainers Program and is familiar with the variety of techniques we use to work with dogs that come to us, including Classical and Operant Conditioning, Clicker and Marker Training. Zac is also highly skilled with E-collar Training. He has trained hundreds of dogs from a large variety of breeds and temperaments. Zac has trained dogs in our Police K9 Programs, as well as, Sport Competition dogs. He is also an accomplished Decoy/Agitator for Sport and Police work! Outside of work Zac enjoys coaching wrestling and working with his personal dogs: Dirks, Tundra, Vortex,  Scout and his girlfriend’s dog Charlie.
No Classes on Sunday, May 26th or Monday, May 27th
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