Too Hot to Handle: The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Your Dog Cool and Safe in the Summer Heat

Summer is here and that means warmer weather, longer days, and more sunshine! But all that sun and heat can lead to high temperatures and hot conditions. Sometimes, it can be too hot to bear. That’s when we turn to tactics that keep us cool, like shade, pools, and icey beverages. Just like humans, dogs, too, can find the heat unbearable. But unlike humans, dogs can’t express their discomfort as easily. Therefore, it’s important to know when your dog is suffering from the heat and tactics you can use to keep your dog cool this summer. 

Signs It’s Too Hot for Your Pup

Sometimes, it can be hard to tell what’s too hot for our pets. They are running around, rolling in the yard, and seem to be enjoying themselves. So how do we know if they are actually suffering from the heat? A good rule of thumb is to simply think of this: if it’s too hot for you, it’s too hot for your dog. If you find it unbearable to remain outside for too long, your dog will also feel the same.

Another worry is how hot the ground gets in the summer. When the sun heats the ground for hours, it becomes hot and may even burn to the touch. These are dangerous conditions for your dog and can result in painful burns on their paws. To check if a surface is too hot for your dog, test it yourself first. Try touching the ground with your bare hand for 3-5 seconds. If you struggle to keep your hand on the ground comfortably, then the surface is far too hot for your dog to walk on and should be avoided.

If it’s warm outside and you aren’t sure if your dog is suffering from the heat, look for these warning signs of an overheated pet: frantic panting, labored breathing, or extreme salivation. If you notice any of these in your dog, get them out of the heat and cool them down to avoid emergency health situations.

Tips for Keeping Your Canine Cool

It can be challenging to avoid the heat of the summer, but here are some tips for keeping your dog cool when temperatures rise. 

  • Stay Hydrated– making sure your dog has access to cool drinking water when playing outside in the summer is a simple way to keep your pup cool 
  • Play in Water– dogs love to exercise and play, so incorporating cool water into playtime is a great way to keep your pet cool in the heat. Filling a kiddie pool or simply turning on the hose are great ways to help regulate your dog’s temperature during hot summer days.
  • Provide Shade– whether it’s under a tree in your yard or manufactured shade from an umbrella, make sure you have plenty of shade for your dog to retreat to when the days get hotter.
  • Take Breaks– This may seem silly, but it’s a great way to regulate how long they have spent in the sun and ensures they are able to naturally cool themselves before they get too hot. Try setting a timer to make sure they are taking frequent breaks.

Landheim K9 To the Rescue!

Using the tips provided and knowing the warning signs of overheating are important in keeping your dog safe this summer. If you are in need of additional dog services this summer, like groomingtraining, or boardingLandheim K9 is here to help. Contact us today and our professionals will help with whatever you and your dog need.

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