Puppy STAR 1 & 2

Age Range: 8-20 weeks & 16 weeks-1 year

Focuses on introducing solid training techniques for younger dogs and begins proper socialization and builds responsible dog ownership.

We will begin laying a foundation of obedience using motivational training techniques and introduce the STAR concepts laid out by the AKC, giving puppies and owners a chance to achieve the STAR Award through the AKC at the conclusion of class. Dogs do not have to be AKC registered to earn this award

Basic Obedience

Age Range: 5 Months +

Our obedience classes teach basic skills all dogs and their handlers should know. You will learn how to apply some very simple strategies from our dog trainers that have a POSITIVE effect on the relationship your dog will have with you and the outside world. 

Intermediate Obedience

Requires completion of Basic Obedience course at landheim

This class builds on the foundational skills learned in Basic Obedience and pushes handlers to an advanced level of training. Hand signals are introduced along with various situations involving distraction!

Advanced Obedience

Requires completion of Intermediate Course at Landheim

Educates handlers on how to utilize advanced techniques for more practical purposes and introduces a wider variety of training practices. We will also start incorporating our skills for practical, everyday use that builds toward off-leash control.

AKC Canine Good Citizenship

Minimum requirement of Intermediate Obedience at Landheim with the trainer’s approval

The AKC’s Canine Good Citizen Program is designed to recognize dogs who have good manners at home and in the community.

Some therapy dog groups require passing the CGC Test as a prerequisite. Many insurance companies recommend CGC training as well as an increased number of apartments and condo associations are requiring CGC training for resident dogs.

Scent Detection “Nose-Work”

No age requirements

Introduces training techniques that provide greater enjoyment and fulfillment for both pet and owner while preparing teams for competition scentwork.

 Scent work allows the dog to use its most powerful sense in a manner that is fun and further builds a bond with the handler as well as improving confidence in the dog. 

Private Lessons

No age requirements

Private lessons can be suited to handle a variety of issues including manners, aggression/reactivity, obedience, tricks, protection work, etc.

Private Lesson packages are available in 5 or 10 packs. 

E-Collar Group Training

Requires completion of Basic Obedience course at Landheim

Introduces modern techniques for pairing low-level e-collar stimulation with food reward for the basic obedience commands, Place command as well as E-Collar healing.

You will also need a suitable e-collar with minimally 100 levels. We prefer the Mini Educator  1 & 2 dog or Dogtra 1 & 2 dog systems.

Service Dog Training

No age requirements

Landheim K9 provides service dog training to fulfill the essential purpose of enhancing the independence and assistance of individuals with specific needs through skilled canine companions.

Additionally, Therapy Dog training and Emotional Support Animals are encouraged to complete all levels of training. 

In-Kennel Board & Train

Age Range: 6 Months +

Your dog stays with us and our Professional Trainers teach your dog basic obedience skills and manners. The longer the stay for the dog, the better the results will be. 

Police Dog K9 Training

No age requirements

Landheim aims to provide cutting-edge dog training services adhering to standards set by organizations such as APCA, NAPWDA, USPCA, or the PSP and DPO of Germany. The Police Dog K9 Training courses focus on equipping officers with advanced and innovative methods in police dog training.

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