In-Kennel Board & Train

IN-KENNEL training

The Landheim staff realizes some well-intentioned owners may have neither the time, patience, nor the inclination to train their dog. For these owners we provide our Landheim Board and Train Programs. Your dog is housed on our premises and professionally trained by our internationally recognized trainers. Dogs MUST be 6 months of age at time of boarding.  Not all dogs will be eligible for this program. Our trainers must be able to build a relationship with the dog to provide quality, high-level training; dogs that are not accepting of strangers may do better with one of our other training programs. If you are not certain if your dog will do well in this environment, we recommend scheduling a private lesson first to evaluate your dog’s suitability and to start building rapport with our trainers. 

your dog's stay will include
  • Multiple daily training sessions
  • Private lesson with owners upon departure
  • Boarding is included for training days. Depending on their length of stay, some boarding days may be charged if dog stays with us longer than the Training package provides.
skills developed will include
  • Controlled walking (heeling) on a loose leash
  • Sit with Stay
  • Down with Stay
  • Come when Called
  • Place
  • Correct jumping behaviors
  • Establishing manners around other dogs and people


1 week + Exit lesson


5 Training Days. Recommended for dogs that are highly social with new people and motivated to work for food and praise. Not all dogs will do as well in this program as more time may be needed to establish a relationship with the dog and build lasting good behaviors. This program is a great refresher for dogs that have previously attended the Landheim Board and Train Program.


2 week + exit Lesson + 1 additional lesson


10 Training Days. Our most recommended option as with all dogs it takes time to build a relationship and establish repetition to start building behavior. This is also a good option for dogs that are less social or more nervous/anxious in new environments.


3 week + Exit Lesson +2 Additional lessons


15 Training Days. This option will further allow our trainers to establish a relationship with your dog and begin solidifying the skills being taught. We can also try to address other behavioral issues as well. This is a Better option for dogs that are less social or more nervous/anxious in new environments and new people.


4 week + EXIT LESSON +3 Additional lessons


20 Training Days. The Premier Option! Recommended for solidifying obedience skills and manners in all dogs. This is also the BEST option for dogs that are not the easiest to build a relationship with. Shy nervous dogs and reactive aggressive dogs get the best results with this option. This program gets Maximum Results for all dogs!

Refresher Board & Train In-Kennel Training

Landheim offers refresher training for dog’s that have previously completed our Landheim Board and Train in-kennel training program. This is great for owners who are looking to clean up skills that may not have been as well maintained at home. Or to add even more advanced training!

This is also a great option for Landheim customers going out of town and would like to have the previous Landheim in-kennel training touched up while their dog boards with us.

Many of the same parameters listed above will still apply and dogs must have completed a Landheim Board and Train in-kennel training program with us in the recent past for the same dog to be eligible for day-to-day training. Talk to one of our staff to see if your dog qualifies for this option!

Proof of Rabies, Distemper Combo, and Bordetella is required. Titer tests accepted.

Please call us at 219-365-8897 or request a spot.

Daily Refresher Training


Per day

Great for previous Landheim Board and Train Program Dogs for a refresher or to add more training.

Vaccination Requirements

  • Rabies
    • Many puppies in Level 1 may not be old enough for Rabies vaccination at the start of class, but this must be supplied to the Front Desk staff by the 13th week of age per Indiana State Law
  • Distemper
    • The 1st round must be given at least 5 days prior to the puppy attending class
      • If your puppy receives the 1st round too close to the first week of class, the puppy may be left home with the owners attending class
    • Boosters must be given at appropriate times and supplied to the staff to be eligible to achieve the STAR award

Titer testing is accepted for Distemper and Bordetella, but per Indiana State Law not for Rabies.

Vaccination paperwork needs to be submitted at the front desk prior to the first day of class.

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