Dog Grooming at Landheim

dog grooming landheim
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All Breed Bath & Grooming Service Include:


Full Brush Out

Double Shampoo

Trim & Grind of Nails

Trimming Paw Pad Fur

Ear Cleaning

Gland Expression (only on request)

Our skilled professional dog groomers have many years of experience wtih a variety of breeds and temperaments, and are available for your pooch’s complete grooming needs. We offer tranquilizer free service and are very proud to say we have rarely turned away a client due to temperament issues. Our dog groomers are truly gifted in this regard. The dogs just love them, and they truly love their dogs!

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Services may also be scheduled while your dog is here for Dog Boarding or Doggy Daycare, based upon availability.

Vaccinations Required: Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella

If you are more than 30 minutes later for your appointment you will have to reschedule.

Any customer missing 2 appointments or more in a calendar year will be required to pay a base price deposit to make further reservations. This deposit will be non-refundable.
*This will not include any customer that gives a minimum of 1 business day notice to cancel or reschedule an appointment.