Service Dog Training


Landheim "Service dog training"

At Landheim we train dogs for just about any job that there is in the world. We do service dog training as well. Let’s define a service dog before we go any further. Service dogs are trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities. This definition does not include a therapy dog or an emotional support animal (ESA). We can provide training for therapy and emotional support animals but that training would simply be for obedience. The service dog would be trained to be obedient in all circumstances and environments, which is quite a task in itself. Our obedience training for the service dog would require a minimum of 120 hours in accordance with IAADP standards. These 120 hours would be conducted over the course of 6 months or more. Beyond the obedience requirement for public access then would be the individual training for whatever task the dog would be needed to perform in relation to the individual’s disability. We will evaluate dogs currently owned by an individual for this work. We have trained several pet dogs already owned by individuals for service dog work.  The dog would be evaluated for temperament issues and environmental issues before any training could occur. If your dog could not pass this evaluation we will endeavor to assist the customer in locating a dog for the training.

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